Backcountry Snowshoeing


Snowshoe in the heart of the Sierra Nevada’s with our team on a day trek or a snow camping overnight. Our guides will teach you best practices for back country travel, gear and equipment training on how to stay warm and dry, avalanche transponder beacon and probe training, emergency response protocol, fire creation, basic cold weather survival training, and how to read the snow pack and weather.

Snow Camping for Corporate Events and Private Groups:  After the snowshoeing day trip and class, learn to be comfortable and confident snow camping. You will be sleeping in one of the oldest and effective forms of movable shelter, tipi’s. These tipi’s are anything but primitive however, with the use of modern technology they are lightweight and extremely durable capable of withstanding high winds and heavy precipitation. Equipped with wood burning stoves, you’ll be high and dry and at home in the outdoors. Our sleeping pads and bags will keep you warm and off the snow at night.  In the evening, you will learn cooking and camp techniques for making snow camping overnights fun and comfortable.

What We Provide

  • Experienced instructors
  • Ultralight snowshoes by Northern Lites
  • Trekking poles by Helinox

Overnight Outfitting

  • Tipi’s with wood burning stoves
  • Hot meals and drinks
  • Sleeping bags and pads are included (though may not be ideal for every individual. Contact us for advice on appropriate sleeping bags for you)
  • High End Kifaru backpacks
  • Headlamps
  • Mess kits
  • Binoculars
  • Radios
[Need Map]

  • Hike a 3 mile loop with scenic overlooks. The trek sounds short but with the elevation gain, thin air at altitude, and added work moving with snowshoes on its a healthy workout.


  • Snowshoeing equipment training and form coaching
  • Avalanche transponder beacon training
  • Cold weather survival familiarization and fire creation
  • Planning, safety, and emergency response


  • Set up a camp in the snow to stay safe, warm, and dry
  • Learn to cook easy, tasty Good To Go brand meals in the tipi
The Backcountry Snowshoeing Trip is great for all skill levels, but best suited to individuals that enjoy outdoor winter activities. Moderate physical exertion is required.
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