Class Overview

Get outside, upgrade your outdoors skills, and grow your team of adventurous friends. We train you in everything from understanding outdoors apparrel for cold morning runs in the city, to planning and executing backpacking trips, to natural disaster preparedness. This class is for hikers, trail runners, backpackers, mountain bikers, urban adventurers, and the outdoor enthusiasts prepared for anything.

What’s Included

We supply all course materials and equipment for hands on training. You bring snacks, water, warm clothing, note taking materials, and good shoes.

Gear Review & Training

You will work hands-on with everything from athletic clothing to satellite phones. We cover backpacking gear, GPS, water filtration, hiking packs, sleeping bags & pads, tents and other shelters, personal locator beacons, hydration packs and much more. We thoroughly test most equipment available on our expeditions. Learn what to look for in good equipment and learn from our experience before you buy gear for your activities. Even if you don’t buy your own gear, knowing equipment and understanding how to use it will make you much more comfortable, and safe in the outdoors. Backpacking gear can be borrowed or┬árented, it’s the skilled user and planner that’s most important.

Planning & Survival

What can go wrong? Learn to plan and pack properly to ‘always be prepared,’ and the actions you can take to statistically improve your survival rate. This has less to do with MacGuyvering some Man vs Wild tricks, than it is planning, training, and understanding your best options.


Classes start by meeting other adventurers at 9am, followed by a walk or hike on the trail to familiarize you with points of interest commonly found on most trails, like identifying poison oak, or signs of wildlife. We will take breaks on the trail to cover hands on equipment training, trip planning and logistics, and what to do when things go wrong. Class duration is typically 5 hours.


2016 Dates Coming Soon

Meet Location

9 a.m. Steven’s Creek Nature Trail Parking Area

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